WeLoveDocumentary IndieGoGo deadline

When asked why they make docs, documentary filmmakers usually answer with a
whole bunch of reasons: passion, drive, social justice, vision, civic
engagement, education, outrage and humour.

But one thing unites all documentary filmmakers: the desire to have their
doc connect with audiences.

Documentary filmmakers love docs. And audiences love docs too.

Since the spring, DOC has undertaken a new campaign called We Love
Documentary/On aime le documentaire, to give fans a voice.

Check it out: welovedocumentary.com and onaimeledocumentaire.com

On a wing and a prayer, a small group of volunteers has developed a visual
brand, launched a web site, printed and distributed campaign buttons,
Tweeted and Facebooked, invited guest bloggers to write about filmmaking,
shot and edited a video, and more recently, launched an Indie Go-Go

Now, in this production climate, we know that you may not be in position to
contribute to this campaign financially, but then again you might be. The
campaign’s goal is $ 3 500 by August 19. There are 7 days left to the
campaign which has so far generated $ 980. So as you can see, there’s a
little ways left to go, so, if you can, please make a contribution.

If you can’t, pass this along to your documentary loving friends who have
money! Tell them why making docs are important to you. Tweet about this.
Facebook this! Circulate in ALL of your networks.

And there are many other ways to contribute. Many hands make for light work,
so if you have time on your hands, please connect with the Committee by
reaching out to: welovedocumentary@gmail.com

Why are we doing this? For a whole bunch of reasons: because in this world
of crowd-funding and digital distribution, audience is everything. Because
audience development is part of DOC’s mandate, by way of raising the genre’s
profile. And, strategically, we feel that audiences are our allies in the
advocacy efforts we undertake on behalf of documentary makers every day.

We Love Documentary! Do you?

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