WE CAN’T SEE YOU BEATING US at Vancity Theater

This award winning film by DOC BC Board Member Adelina Suvagau will have its world premiere at Vancity Cinema February 5, 2011.

For most of us, the thought of losing our vision is unimaginable: living in a world of darkness seems almost unbearable Indeed, the blind and those losing their sight can experience grief, alienation, fear, and depression. Yet many who cannot see reject the social model of disability that defines blindness as a deficiency or an illness. What actually disables is being excluded or stigmatized because of differing vision. Whether ostracized or pitied, the blind may have a harder time with our prejudice than with their lack of sight. For some, the antidote is to nurture self-confidence and independence – and occasionally shattering all expectations…

Meet Linda, David Yvonne and Jim. Each of them lost their sight in early adulthood. All have struggled with personal crises – from failed marriages to lost jobs, from medical disasters to shattered dreams. Yet all four have found individual ways to deal with their blindness and find success in their lives. Despite their different diagnoses and personal backgrounds, they now share extraordinary experiences: paddling together on a dragon boat team called “Eye of the Dragon” and filming with no vision.

Descriptive video for the visually impaired will be available on the DVD release.

WE CAN’T SEE YOU BEATING US was exclusively funded through OMNI’s Independent Producers Initiative, a $32.5 million independent production fund that to date has supported over 200 new documentary programmes.


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