Transmedia Storytelling with Brent Friedman

Transmedia Storytelling with Brent Friedman: How To Build A Universe Worthy Of Devotion

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn about the emerging phenomenon of transmedia storytelling with Brent Friedman, Founding Partner of Electric Farm Entertainment.

Brent will start with the basics of transmedia storytelling, from definition to uses in both mainstream and digital experimentation. We’ll learn about his company’s recent MTV hit series, Valemont, and use it as a case study to explore all aspects of the project, from development to production to multi-platform deployment. We’ll look at various aspects that helped to make this a successful transmedia blueprint: fractal design, gamification techniques, and the creative cornerstone – a universe worthy of devotion. Brent will take us beyond the theoretical and philosophical ideas and into the important practical matters of monetizing strategies, engaging community, and crowdsourcing content.

  • 6:30-8:00 PM Wednesday March 9th
  • W2 Storeum, 151 West Cordova St. Vancouver (Find W2 on Google Maps)
  • $5 /Ticket – Please Bring Cash

Brent V. Friedman, Founding Partner, Electric Farm Entertainment

Brent created, wrote and produced EFE’s first two ground-breaking webseries, Afterworld and Gemini Division, for Sony and NBC. Brent served as Executive Producer on EFE’s recent webseries, Woke Up Deadand Valemont. The latter he also co-created for MTV. Currently, Brent is writing and producing the sequel toValemont. For Brent’s complete bio, visit our website event listing at:


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