The Trials of Muhammad Ali with filmmaker Bill Siegel

On April 7th, Vancity Theatre in partnership with DOC BC are proud to announce the screening of THE TRIALS OF MUHAMMAD ALI and Q&A with Academy Award-nominee director Bill Siegel.

Heroes don’t come more gold-plated than Muhammad Ali. But if you’re too young to remember the 1960s then you may be shocked to discover how controversial the heavyweight champion was in his heyday. Indeed, he was a constant thorn in the side of the establishment, and a hate figure for much of the mainstream media.

The evidence is in the archives: for years, reporters refused to accept Ali’s name change (he was born Cassius Clay). His refusal to play the white negro, and outspoken advocacy for Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam dismayed liberals. The last straw came when he refused to fight in Vietnam. The authorities stripped him of his heavyweight title and banned him from boxing. It was at that point Ali embarked on the greatest fight of his life, the fight outside the ring for recognition of his basic human rights.

Academy Award-nominee Bill Siegel will be present to discuss Ali’s historical significance and his approach to the film.

The show begins at 1:00pm at Vancity Theatre on Saturday April 7th. Receive a $3 discount by visiting the ticket page and entering the promo code: CHAMPdocbc. Check out the Facebook event here.

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