Superchannel premieres Mia Donovan’s INSIDE LAURA ROXX

EDMONTON June 27, 2011 – Official selection at Toronto’s prestigious Hot Docs in 2011, Inside Lara Roxx airs for the first time on TV exclusively for Canadian audiences. This feature-length documentary by Montreal-based EyeSteelFilm and Genie winning producers Mila Aung-Thwin and Daniel Cross (Up the Yangtze, Last Train Home) takes an up close and personal look at a young woman’s struggle with an HIV diagnosis soon after making it in the adult movie industry. Super Channel, Canada’s only national English pay television network, premieres this powerful documentary on July 19 at 9 p.m. ET in vivid HD.

“EyeSteelFilm is proud to be associated with the story of Lara Roxx,” states EyeSteelFilm producer Bob Moore. “We hope that director Mia Donovan’s portrait will serve to be informative, evocative, and most importantly, empowering.”

“Super Channel is proud to have the world premiere of this harrowing cautionary tale,” says Justin Rebelo, Director of Canadian Programming for Super Channel. “We hope our audience finds this documentary enlightening and captivating.”

In the spring of 2004, 21-year-old Lara Roxx left her hometown of Montreal and headed to L.A to try and make a quick buck in the adult entertainment industry. Within two months of successfully getting work, she contracted the most virulent form of HIV while performing sex in front of the camera. Inside Lara Roxx is about the events leading up to that scene and the years after the media lost interest in her story – it is about the adult movie industry and its impact on a young life. Director Mia Donovan follows this unlikely young woman through a tumultuous 5-year period as she struggles to build a new identity, change an industry, and find hope in the wake of her past.

Starring Lara Roxx with a guest appearance by award-winning adult film superstar Ron Jeremy.

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