Social Issue Filmmaking Workshop

SOCIAL ISSUE FILMMAKING WORKSHOP Co-Presented by DOC BC and the Projecting Change Film Festival

Learn straight from experts! This diverse panel will show you the ins and outs of social issue documentary filmmaking. What techniques are best for tackling sensitive subject matter? Where can you get funding? How do you promote a film about social issues? And how do you ensure your film has a lasting impact on the world after you are done with it? Explore all of this and more at the DOC BC SOCIAL ISSUE FILMMAKING WORKSHOP in conjunction with PROJECTING CHANGE FILM FESTIVAL on Friday May 27 @ the Projecting Change Film Festival

For panelists, agenda and to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE

DOC BC Members $15 – Students $15 – Regular $20

Watch, engage, act.

Vancouver’s Projecting Change Film Festival is a TED-talk-meet-film-festival type of event that creates a dialogue about social and environmental issues. The marquee four-day event features inspiring, eye-opening, and award-winning films from around the globe, each followed by a dynamic speaker and panel discussion. The unique festival format is a platform for audience engagement, with all proceeds donated back to local initiatives. Inspiration no doubt in part due to the participation of such luminaries as Dr. David Suzuki, Captain Paul Watson and Mayor Gregor Robertson – all former festival speakers.

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