Seducing the Guard

Every human culture makes art. Something so universal must have a purpose – what biologists call survival value. Yet our culture has marginalized art as a luxury and commercialized it as entertainment. Are we losing something vital for our survival? Using interviews with some of the leading thinkers of our time, and artwork filmed on location in the world’s great museums, Seducing the Guard asks about the purpose of art and finds deep connections between art and science.

Interviewees include: Roger Guillemin, Nobel-laureate neuroscientist, painter; John Gray, writer; Elaine Pagels, scholar, author of “The Gnostic Gospels”; Daniel Dennett, philosopher, author; Jane Coop, concert pianist; Jean-Pierre Changeux, neuroscientist; Roald Hoffmann, Nobel-laureate chemist, poet; Paul Andre Fortier, choreographer; Jerome Friedman, Nobel-laureate physicist; Sal Ferreras, musician; Margaret Geller, astrophysicist; Steven Miller, author; Maria von Finckenstein, Curator of Inuit Art, Canadian Museum of Civilization; Russell Hulse, Nobel-laureate physicist; William Unruh, physicist; Roy Andersson, film director; and Steven Weinberg, Nobel-laureate physicist.


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