Pull Focus Film School Lighting Workshop

Date: April 30, 2011 (10am-4pm)

Cost: $99.00

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of filmmaking. When used effectively, lighting can set the tone of a film while bringing life to two dimensional images. This one-day lighting workshop will teach you the fundamentals of lighting for the screen. Topic covered include:

  • Basic three-point lighting
  • Lighting ratios and contrast
  • Exposure and f-stops
  • Lighting styles
  • Diffusion and gels
  • exterior/interior lighting
  • Reflectors/bounce lighting
  • Light placement
  • Controlling Shadows
  • Mixed colour of light and colour balancing
  • Lighting for night scenes/sunsets
  • Tricking the camera with white balance
  • Correcting for very dark and very pale skin tones
  • Shooting with available light
  • Shooting as a documentary filmmaker with minimal light
  • How to interpret light
  • How to get by with limited equipment




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