PEACE OUT (2012) dir. Charles Wilkinson, winner of Hot Docs 2012 Jury Prize – Reviewed by Greg Klymkiw

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Peace Out takes you by surprise and leaves you breathless. At first, the filmmaking seems like rudimentary TV-doc-stuff, but as we dive further into Wilkinson and Schliessler’s vital film, we’re eventually a party to cinema of the highest order. Clever, subtle juxtapositions, smooth transitions between the beauty of nature, the destruction of the environment, the fluorescent-lit government and/or corporate offices, the dark, almost Gordon Willis styled shots of energy executives and in one case, an utterly heartbreaking montage of energy waste set to Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie #1 – all of these exquisitely wrought moments and more, inspire sadness, anger and hopefully enough of these emotions will translate into inspiring action – even, as a Greenpeace interview subject suggests – civil disobedience.

Actions, as the film subtly suggests, speak louder than words. Images, as stunningly relayed by the makers of Peace Out, inspire, or can inspire change.

This film demands to be seen… It demands a wide theatrical release. Demand that every theatre chain devotes a myriad of screens all over the country to play this film. Demand that mainstream private broadcasters – especially those of the CTV ilk – play this film with mega-promotion. Not buried on a Sunday morning, but in primetime. And then it needs to be seen on every available home entertainment service imaginable.

See this film. Demand to see this film. Then do something.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

From Charles Wilkinson, director

Peace Out was the only BC film selected to screen at Toronto’s Hot Docs film festival this past week, the largest documentary film festival in North America. All 3 screenings were sold out. The audience response was very enthusiastic – long Q&A sessions, and very good reviews (see attached).

The jury chose Peace Out to receive the ‘Special Jury Award – Canadian Feature’ which includes a cash prize. This award is one of only seven given out to films in the program of 189 films that screened to this year’s record-breaking audience of over 165,000 attendees.

Red Deer Press chose the occasion to make official the announcement that they’re publishing our new book – Peace Out.

Peace Out has played quite a bit in Western Canada, and in areas directly concerned with the issues of the film. But in the Hot Docs Q&A sessions it became evident that the film may be of interest to more than those who know or care where the Peace River runs. Toronto audiences showed a real enthusiasm for fair and balanced debate on the crucial, universal issue of our time – energy use.

Visit PEACE OUT’s Facebook page and ‘like’ it to show your support for this amazing film.

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