Media That Matters Conference 12: Navigating the New Media Ecology

Why has “progressive” and “transformational” media shown such limited ability to create dramatic shifts in mainstream culture? Even the best efforts in progressive media seem to burn bright for a time, then fade like flares in the night.

For our culture to navigate the path of social and ecological transformation, the wisdom needed is immense.. No single media project can bear the weight.  Only in a collaborative network of messengers and contextualized messages can we hope to support a cultural transition of the magnitude that is needed now. Getting there begs a deep reflection on  our ethics and values, our vision of the culture we’re steering towards, human nature and our theory of change.

Join us as we explore this theme and others with:

Louis Fox, co-founder of Free Range Studios, the folks behind the genius of The Story of Stuff and The Meatrix. Louis has been concocting an ambitious media mapping project with MtM alum Michelle Grenier. Ultimately, they hope this will have profound impact on the synergy and effectiveness progressive media campaigns. They’re coming to engage as many of us as possible in the co-creation of this innovative initiative.

Mother Jones publisher Steve Katz, who recently has been wrestling with two keywords: transition and impact. These days, he’s navigating MoJo not only through the transition from print to digital, but also through the shifting definitions of “journalist” and “journalism”. He’s also on a constant vigil for for new ways of increasing the impact of his publication by connecting its work to the great arc of social change.

And we welcome back MtM alum Velcrow Ripper, an admitted “chronic big thinker”, as he shares lessons he’s learned as he’s run an unconventional gamut from globe-trotting to crowd-funding while creating a trilogy of groundbreaking films.

We’re also delighted to have Patsy Northcutt part of the conversation. Patsy produces documentaries and media for the likes of Paul Hawken, Bioneers, and the Pachamama Alliance.

Join us!

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Media that Matters is a retreat and collaboratory for digital visionaries who are building bridges to broader audiences and new possibilities. Join us four days of open dialogue, trend-spotting and transformative ideas in a stunning wilderness setting.
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