Get a deal at Black Dog Video

Here’s how to redeem your Black Dog Discount:

  1. Confirm your 2011 membership. If you’re not sure if your membership is current, e-mail us at and we’ll tell you. Memberships are for the calendar year, so if you didn’t purchase/renew your membership in late 2010 or in 2011, you are not a member.
  2. Go into either Vancouver location with ID and a valid credit card, and set up an account (if you already have one, bravo).
  3. Identify yourself to the cashier as a 2011 DOC BC Member.
  4. Casually browse the used DVD box while they look up your name on the list.
  5. If you’re not on the list, that means you weren’t a 2011 DOC BC Member as of April 15 2011. If you have purchased your membership since then, let us know.


You are entitled to rent two (2) of any movie and get one (1) rental (can’t be a new release) for free.

You can’t apply your discount retroactively.

Regular late fees and time limits still apply.

You can’t combine this deal with any other Black Dog special.

Don’t enter into movie trivia contests with video store employees. You will lose.

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