Feasibility Study for Screen Based Content Producers’ Program

Feasibility Study for Screen Based Content Producers’ Program

Centennial College is embarking on a study to identify business skill
requirements among the independent screen based content production
community. This study begins with a brief online survey and will be followed
up with a variety of focus groups and finally a series of one on one
meetings with senior level independent producers will be conducted.

The final outcome of this activity will garner a detailed report on the
state of the industry as it applies to specific business needs.

The intention is to develop a strategy which will provide the independent
production community opportunities to build their business knowledge.
Included in this strategy will be a fully integrated incubator facility
which will offer physical working space and business skill training programs
at an affordable rate. The College is working with a variety of partners
who will assist in developing this innovative and unique training program
and facility.

The first step in this process is the online survey that we ask you to
participate in. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time. Your
participation is a valued component. Thanks so much for taking part.

Closing date for survey submission is July 19th. All questions can be
directed to: Karen@wordshopproductions.com

You can find the survey here:


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