DOXA/DOC BC Party @ the Granville Room

Party with DOC’s Filmmakers at DOXA 2013!

Date: Friday, May 10th

Time: 9:00pm – 11:30 PM

Venue: The Granville Room
957 Granville St 

DOC BC is thrilled to celebrate DOXA and the films made by DOC members. Please join us on Friday, May 10th 2013  for drinks and to celebrate DOXA and the films made by DOC members.

This year 4 DOC Members (BC and National) will have their films shown at DOXA. If you come with a ticket stub to any of the 4 films below, you will get a complimentary drink ticket! Quantities are limited so come at 9pm sharp!  DOC BC Members will also get a free drink on a first come first served basis. Can’t wait to see you out there!

ROSE COLOURED GLASSES – Sonia Suvagau, Canada, 2012, 93 mins

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE – Liz Marshall, Canada, 2013, 90 mins

FIGHT LIKE SOLDIERS DIE LIKE CHILDREN – Patrick Reed, Canada, 2012, 83 mins

THE LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE: David Henderson-Hean & Todd Brooks, Canada, 2012, 3 mins

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