Crowdfunding Your Indie Film with Victoria Westcott

Crowd Funding your Indie Film with Victoria Westcott!

$20 CV/MN/VIFPA members $25 non-members

This will be a hands-on, interactive workshop to help fellow filmmakers learn the ropes of crowdfunding from the first idea to the final two minutes. Victoria will focus on what lessons she learned in her own crowdfunding campaign, and will use examples from other recently successful campaigns. As a group, we will examine what works, what doesn’t, and what we can do for our own projects.

If you have a film that you want to crowdfund, please email with the brief details about your project & the funds you hope to raise. We hope to be able to workshop our projects together in groups so that everyone can learn & help each other with ideas. We won’t be picking apart your script or film, but rather looking at what methods you can use to raise the funds needed for your project. Whether you’re in pre-production, production or post-production – all types of projects can use crowdfunding so let’s help each other with planning different fundraising campaigns.

While Victoria uses social media, she doesn’t claim to be a “social media expert” nor is she a “crowdfunding expert.” Everyone will be able to bring their experiences and ideas to the table – in fact, we’re all better off in learning together!

Victoria Westcott – Producer
When she was sixteen-years-old, Victoria convinced the good people of Nepean, Ontario to give her enough money to fund an eco-trail building excursion through the jungles of Costa Rica. Sheʼs been convincing people to give her money for her intrepid endeavors ever since. From volunteering for a cataract surgery in Bangladesh to working in an English school in Guatamala, Victoriaʼs ability to put words (and dollars) into action knows no bounds. And since she already owns and operates a successful recruitment company, what better career path than independent movie producer? Her vast experiences in both the cuddly world of volunteerism and the cutthroat world of business have proven to be the ideal preparation for writing (and sticking to!) budgets, hiring great cast & crew and getting through all the legal aspects of filmmaking.

Most recently, Victoria & her writer/director sister, Jennifer Westcott, managed to “crowdfund” $20101 for their upcoming feature film, Locked in a Garage Band. 68% of those funds were raised on the final day – in the last 10 hours mostly through twitter & facebook.

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