CIDA’s Mass Media Initiative discontinued

Outgoing At-Large Board Member Betsy Carson reported at the 2010 AGM that CIDA’s Mass Media Initiative has been discontinued. This excerpt from the CFTPA website explains what the MMI did:

The Development Information Program’s Mass Media Initiative (MMI) financially supports communications projects aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of international development and cooperation issues.

This initiative supports a diverse range of media platforms including documentaries/docu-series for television and/or web TV, podcasts/radio, and new media projects that are disseminated among Canadian audiences. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. All projects must meet the specified eligibility criteria in order to be considered for evaluation. Applicants are encouraged to visit the MMI website regularly as the eligibility criteria may evolve throughout the year. Successful project proposals bring together multiple partners, highlight Canadian contributions to the developing world, and reach the broadest Canadian audience possible through the innovative use of mass media vehicles. Submissions are evaluated by a committee comprised of media industry, communications and international development specialists, which recommend the projects that best reflect the initiative’s mandate.

According to an FAQ on the CIDA website, the money will now be distributed as part of the Global Citizens Program.

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