Carts of Darkness


The treacherous mountain roads and discarded shopping carts of North Vancouver become the rivers and boats of self-exploration for a group of homeless “free birds” who have few chances at joy. Murray Siple’s documentary adopts the tropes of extreme sports filmmaking; fluid flowing cinematography, intense music, visceral pulse pounding action and irreverent characters unbounded by society’s constrictions, to bring viewers deep into a world and deep into people they would normally look away from.

Shot in stunning high-definition, and featuring the music of Vancouver bands such as Black Mountain and Ladyhawk, Carts of Darkness is a story of endurance that captures the risk and intensity of life lived on the very edge.

“Former snowboarder and filmmaker Murray Siple sets his sights on a group of bottle collectors in mountainous North Vancouver who take ordinary grocery carts laden with empties down some of the steepest hills in Western Canada. The result is a strange
mix of high-octane action, delicate social probing and charismatic characters that’s hard to ignore, and incredibly fun to watch.”
Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun.

Presented in co-operation with the National Film Board of Canada, DOC BC, and the Vancouver International Film Centre
ADDITIONAL SCREENINGS (admission for DOC members is not free on these days)
April 29, Tues: 9:15pm, May 1, Thurs: 7:30pm

Free for DOC members only
on Monday April 28, 7:30pm
Canada 2008 // Director:
Murray Siple // 63 min //

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