Cancelled: Saturday, May 9, 2020 – DOC BC Virtual Brunch on Cultural Protocols and Indigenous Sovereignty in New Media

Hello DOC community,

Unfortunately, the Zoom technology failed us today and many were not able to access the DOC BC BRUNCH.

We have re-started, re-initiated, copy-pasted every RSVP and it simply won’t budge. Our team has been doing the best to get it going but unfortunately, it is beyond our tech skills currently.

I apologize sincerely as this was going to be our most attended webinar. And we did everything the same way as it was done before. The moderators and panelists have chosen to begin the conversation and record it on Zoom as (for reasons beyond us) it only allowed panelists into the Zoom. We have done everything on our power today and in the last few weeks including upgrading to better versions of Zoom Webinar and training, but this is completely unexpected.

The recording will be made available to everyone, and we will have internal discussions about what happened, how to avoid it, and if this session can be organized once more in the future for the membership.

As you know we are doing this bi-weekly and with the work of volunteers.

We are deeply sorry and hope to be able to continue this series. We apologize to the membership as well as panelists who really badly wanted this to happen.

Thank you for your understanding,

Nicolas from DOC BC

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