2011 WIFTV Spotlight Award Nomination Deadline

Women in Film and Television Vancouver invites you to submit your nominations for the 2011 Spotlight Awards. Established in 1996, the Spotlight Awards bring together the BC Film community to celebrate annually the outstanding achievements of BC women in screen-based media.

This year, we will be honouring our winners at the Opening Night Reception of the 6th Annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival, March 4th 2011.

The Woman of the Year Award is presented to a woman who has achieved a significant success in the field of film or television, and who is recognized for mentoring other women in the industry.  Recent winners include: Babz Chula, Carole Tarlington, Gabrielle Rose, Deboragh Gabler, Vicki Gabereau, Trish Dolman, Louse Clark, Rae Hull.

The WIFTV Artistic Achievement Award honours a woman who demonstrates filmmaking excellence in the telling of women’s stories.  This award goes to a director, producer, writer, actor, director of photography, or editor who has: created a major film, television program or digital work in the past two years; or who has created a significant body of work in the telling of women’s stories. Recent winners include: Maureen Medved, Christine Welsh, Julia Kwan, Katherine Dodds, Jennifer Ouano, Susan Fox, and Sara Diamond.

The Wayne Black Service Award honours a woman with a ‘behind-the-scenes’ role and for her continued efforts within the film and television community. This award is named in memory of Wayne Black of Alpha Cine who gave tirelessly of his time and talent to help filmmakers.  Recent winners include: Shauna Hardy Mishaw, Maureen Levitt, Janice Talbott, Lodi Butler, Liz Shorten, Kathryn Lynch, Shelley Gillen, and Melanie Friesen.

The Honourary Friend Award recognizes a person who has played a significant role in supporting women in the industry and, although not a professional member, has promoted the success of the organization. Men are eligible to be nominated for this award. Recent winners include: John Dippong, Andrew Williamson, Lynne MacNamara, Paul Sharpe, Bob Scarabelli, Rob Egan, Patricia Gruben, Ron Harvey, and Tom Adair.

The Sharon Gibbon Lifetime Member Award honours a member in recognition of her volunteer work with WIFTV advancing the organization’s goals in the British Columbia film and television community. The award is named in memory of Sharon Gibbon, who exemplified these qualities in a career cut short too soon.  Recent winners include: Jacqui Ellis, Jacqueline Samuda, Janine Bizzocchi-Steele, Carol Whiteman, Deborah Harry, and Eileen Hoeter.

The Kodak Image Award is awarded to a female director or DOP for excellence in a recent short work that shows excellence in overall production value or a unique, visionary approach to the cinematography or storytelling.  Recent winners include: Moira Simpson, Michelle Porter, Amy Belling, Tara Hungerford, Shannon Kohli, Kirsten Carthew, and Jessica Bradford.

And new this year, the Please Adjust Your Set Award, presented by the team at www.pleaseadjustyourset.com, honours the person who has done the most in the last year to promote gender equity in the film, television and or/screen based media.

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